Self 창원출장마사지 Massage Techniques

We all suffer with everyday aches and pains., So let me show you some self, 창원출장마사지 massage techniques that you can practice at home or in the office. You can use these techniques on different parts of the body, but for this demonstration, I’ll be working on the calf.

. A range of simple self, 창원출장마사지 massage techniques that can use on the calf muscle is something that will help to address the problems that we often find, which are behind the calf and between the ankle and the knee.

Because, very often, the main problems that arise are tightness and knots that develop in this calf muscle along here.. So what we’ll be looking at trying to do, which is a range of self-massage techniques we can apply, is using our fingers to find those tight spots.

Those tender spots run along the muscle, length, and itself. And as we press in, we might be able to find a tight band of muscle. And this is where we need to identify that point, which is the most painful, the most tender area.

And actually, what we can do is press in and hold. The way to do it if we’re going to be doing that ourselves is either using your thumbs to act. At that point of pressure and again it’s just a question of actually working along the muscle itself and slowly 창원출장마사지 massaging along the length of that muscle and in some of those areas we might come across a tight spot.

You might just want to press in and hold that fairly steadily, so that we’re getting up to a fairly reasonable level of pain, maybe about six or seven on a scale of 10. But that is an effective way of helping to get rid of that knot of trigger points in the muscle fiber.

. So we can do that using our thumb or fingers, but again what we might also want to do is be careful that we’re not overusing our fingers as well as hands, which will tire. So we can easily use a very simple tool, which is a tennis ball.

. So again, what we’ll do is rest the calf on the tennis ball. So again, that’s acting as the point of contact a point of pressure and by doing that, we cannot only use the pressure off our leg to press down on to that pressure.

The point on the trigger point, but we can also move across so again we’re getting some friction 창원출장마사지 massage going on across the fibers there that are helping to knead and release the tension in that muscle.

. What we can also do is to pull it and put in a bit more of a stretch, so by pulling the toes back and stretching the toes forward, that’s acting as a point of stretch along those muscle fibers as well.

, So we’re getting both a 창원출장마사지 massage technique. There and a stretching technique as well, which will be helpful for calf muscle injury., So another technique you can use is putting the calf over the kneecap.

And this way it’ll be adding pressure to the kneecap by using your body weight to act. On the calf. And they can move the foot up and down to put in a bit more of a stretch as well.

So with all of that, there are three very simple techniques that we can use to massage your calf in this way. But these techniques can equally be applied to other parts of the body and particularly by using the tennis ball as a 마사지 massage tool.

. All of these things can be used very effectively to treat your injuries and treat your aches and pains. So, as you can see, these techniques are simple to do. You don’t need to put up with pain.